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Press release from the Council of Ministers of Wednesday July 3, 2024: CM N°2024-27/SGG

The Council of Ministers met in ordinary session, on Wednesday July 3, 2024, in its deliberation room at the Koulouba Palace, under the chairmanship of Colonel Assimi GOITA, President of the Transition, Head of State.

After examining the items on the agenda, the Council:

– adopted draft texts;

– and heard communications.


On the report of the Minister of Mines, the Council of Ministers adopted:

has. a draft decree establishing the conditions and modalities of application of Law No. 2023-040 of August 29, 2023 establishing the Mining Code in the Republic of Mali;

  1. a draft decree establishing the terms of application of Law No. 2023-041 of August 29, 2023 relating to local content in the mining sector;
  2. a draft decree approving the standard establishment agreement for the research phase;
  3. a draft decree approving the standard establishment agreement for the exploitation phase.

The audit of operating gold mines, commissioned in execution of the recommendations of the National Refoundation Conference, made it possible to detect certain inadequacies, particularly of a legislative and institutional nature . As part of the management of these inadequacies, the Government has begun the reform of the legislative and regulatory framework of the mining sector which resulted

in the rereading of the Mining Code and the adoption of a law relating to local content in the mining sector.

This reform aims, among other things, to strengthen national subcontracting, enhance the value chain and promote national entrepreneurship, create wealth by making profitable the spin-offs from mining activity and boosting sustainable development through environmental protection and development actions for local communities.

The new Mining Code adopted has brought major innovations and the law on local content will strengthen the integration of nationals into the mining activity value chain.

The application of these new texts requires the adoption of regulatory measures to clarify and detail certain of their provisions.

These draft decrees are adopted within this framework.

The decree implementing the Mining Code provides details, in particular on:

– the provisions relating to the application, holding, transfer, cancellation or withdrawal of mining titles and authorizations;

– the determination and method of calculating additional royalties or Ad Valorem Tax;

– the methods of calculating and collecting dividends and the Ad Valorem Tax in kind;

– rights and taxes due upon renewal or transfer of the mining title or authorization and signing of the Agreements;

– the rates of the overproduction royalty and surface royalties;

– community development;

– environmental and personal protection obligations;

– the obligations of operators in terms of closure and rehabilitation of mining sites;

– administrative surveillance and mining police.

The implementing decree of the law relating to local content in the mining sector specifies, among other things, the obligations linked to local content relating to supply, employment and professional training, the promotion and use of local goods and services, the transfer of technology, skills and development. In accordance with the provisions of the Mining Code and its implementing decree, the establishment agreements for the research phase and the exploitation phase specify the conditions of carrying out mining activity on the national territory. These agreements deal, in particular:

– guarantee obligations;

– tax, customs, economic and financial provisions;

– dispute resolution;


  1. The Minister of National Education informed the Council of Ministers of the organization and conduct of the 2024 end-of-year examinations.

The 2024 end-of-year exams for the different levels were organized in accordance with the provisions of the decision setting the calendar for the 2023-2024 school year.

The exams took place without major incidents throughout the national territory and in Bassikounou , in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, for candidates who had taken refuge in this country.2. The Minister of Youth and Sports, responsible for Civic

Education and Citizen Building , informed the Council of Ministers of the organization of a recognition ceremony for athletes who won medals in international competitions for the 2023-2024 season.

This ceremony aims to present to the proud people of Mali elite and high-level athletes who sometimes operate in anonymity.

Through their commendable and honorable careers, these athletes, often with little means, manage to win medals in the various competitions in which they participate.

The recognition ceremony for medal-winning athletes coupled with the presentation of the 2023 sporting merit medals is scheduled for July 5, 2024, at the Palais des Sports Salamatou MAIGA.3. The Minister of Agriculture informed the Council of Ministers:

has. the holding of the consultation meeting between the Interstate Committee for the Fight against Drought in the Sahel and the Directors General of the National Agricultural Research Systems.

This consultation meeting aims, on the one hand, to strengthen scientific and technical cooperation between the Sahel Institute and the National Agricultural Research Systems and on the other hand, to jointly meet the challenges in terms of agricultural research and food security in the Sahel and West Africa.

Placed under the theme “New issues and challenges for Research in the Sahel and West Africa: what strategic and prospective vision? », this meeting which will be held from July 9 to 11, 2024 in Bamako, aims to reconnect with a tradition of regular consultation, established between the Sahel Institute and the National Agricultural Research Systems.b . the holding of training for agents of the General Agricultural Census.

Training for General Agricultural Census agents was held from May 20 to June 8, 2024 in eighteen centers with a grouping of the regions of Timbuktu and Taoudénni .

These training courses concerned 5,586 agents including 1,478 women and a waiting list of 266 agents.

The objective of these training courses is to strengthen the technical intervention capacities of the agents responsible for collecting and reporting information on the general modules: agriculture, sedentary and transhumant breeding.

The Census itself begins on July 15, 2024 with the enumeration of farms

and agricultural businesses.4. The Minister of Industry and Commerce informed the Council of Ministers of the ongoing development of a Support and Assistance Plan for local industries.

Local industries, particularly those of paper processing, shaping and printing, are facing serious difficulties arising from the health, security and economic crises of recent years.

These difficulties, which threaten the existence of our industrial units, are among others:

– unfair competition from imported products whose production is subsidized by their country of origin;

– the weakness of the internal market;

– insufficient infrastructure contributing to the facilitation of production;

– difficulties in accessing financing on favorable terms;

– difficulties in accessing qualified labor;

– barriers to the flow of production in the sub- region. In this context, it appears necessary to strengthen support for existing industries in order to increase national industrial production through mechanisms other than financial support.

The support plan will be structured around the following actions:

– affirmation of national preference and better access to public procurement;

– the promotion of local consumption;

– the fight against fraud, counterfeiting and unfair competition;

– promotion of exports and market diversification;

– compliance with standards and regulations;

– the establishment of instruments for the assessment of State support as well as the monitoring and evaluation of their effectiveness and impacts.

Its implementation will support production and investments in industrial units , increase and modernize their production capacities in order to ensure our country’s economy its independence and resilience.5. The Minister of Urban Planning, Housing, Estates, Territorial Planning and Population informed the Council of Ministers of the celebration of World Population Day.

World Population Day is celebrated on July 11 every year across the world.

This year’s global theme is: “Leveraging the power and role of inclusive data for a resilient and equitable future for all”. At the national level, the theme chosen is : “ let’s implement the ICPD+30 commitments to support sustainable development”.

The celebration of this day provides the opportunity to draw the attention of decision-makers, grassroots communities , local authorities, traditional authorities, civil society

and technical and financial partners to population problems which have a negative impact development efforts.

The ceremony will take place on July 18, 2024 in the rural commune of Yallankoro-Soloba , Cercle de Yanfolila .6. The Minister of Health and Social Development informed the Council of Ministers of the evolution of the epidemiological situation in the country, notably:

has. by a stagnation in the number of cases testing positive for Coronavirus disease compared to the previous week.

  1. by an increase in the number of confirmed cases of dengue compared to that of

week passed.The President of the Transition, Head of State called on the population to strictly respect the measures of

prevention and fight against diseases. Bamako , July 3, 2024

The Secretary General of the Government.

Press release from the Council of Ministers of Wednesday July 3, 2024: CM N°2024-27/SGG

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